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specialty courses

NOTE: Fortress: Combat Arts, LLC Reserves The Right To Conduct Criminal Background Checks On Potential Students.  To Ensure The Safety Of Our Students And Community,

Enrollment May Be Denied To Anyone.

tactical trauma & hemorrhage control

land nav 101

Land nav + Long Range Engagements


 Rappelling 101 is an introduction to rope work and navigating vertical environments. This material is fundamental and essential for those who are considering to adventure into alpine areas, survivalists with bug-out plans, and all others who desire to gain skill towards military type mountaineering operations. Development of good safety habits and competent equipment handling is the major focus of this course! Buy the end of this course you will have an understanding of your own equipment requirements and the skills needed to conduct your own basic, single rope rappels.


Course Outline:

  • General Safety

  • Rappel Devices + Ropes

  • Equipment Care

  • Check Lists + Planning

  • Rappelling Methods

  • Knots + Hitches

  • Emergency Harness Building

  • Rigging Rappel Anchors Does + Don'ts

  • Partner Communication

  • Rope Retrieval Techniques

  • Rappelling Accident Analysis

  • Common "Oops Recoveries"


  • FM 3-05.70 Survival Manual

  • FM 3-25.26 Map Reading & Land Navigation

  • FM 3-97.6 Mountain Operations

  • FM 5-103 Survivability

  • FM 21-76 Ranger Handbook

  • Fortress: Mountain Leadership

  • Fortress: Mountain Mobility

$150 per person

     (Majority of equipment already provided.)

This 6 hour class is open to ages 16 and up.

Class size limited to 4 participants!

No prerequisites required.

What you will need to bring:

  • Helmet (if you have one) + Eye Protection

  • Leather Gloves

  • Suitable Clothing + Footwear  (Athletic or Military type.)   ( No shorts, No sandals! )

  • Extra Clothing Suitable for Weather

  • Note Taking Material

  • Sun Block / Bug Spray

  • Minor First Aid Kit

  • Hydration / Lunch