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Craig Douglas - Shiv Works, John Betancourt - Fortress: Combat Arts, Chad Lyman - Las Vegas Police Protective Association

What is "Combatives?"

Firstly, "combatives" IS NOT a style, it is a methodology applied to movements or skills. An art such as Aikido would be considered a style. When a "style" has been stripped of complexity, reduced to it's fundamentals, and streamlined for efficiency and brutality, it then becomes "Combative." In the end, combatives basically cuts through all the fluff and gets to the point. Combatives are about preserving yourself and finishing a confrontation with immediacy.

What to look for in a strong combatives program:

- Easy to Learn

- Easy to Maintain

- Easy to Recall Under Duress

- Gross Motor Movement

- Immediate Reaction/Response

- Becoming the Aggressor

- Neurologically Based Response

What elements do we incorporate in our combatives program?

- Street Boxing

- Krav Maga & Military Combatives

- Muay Thai Kick-Boxing

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

- Jeet Kun Do

- Urban Edged Weapons

- Western Wrestling

What can you expect at FORTRESS?

Most everyone who joins our ranks comes to develop personal ability and/or to add to their current tool box of skills. Our course work is generally active, physical, and offers challenging new experiences. We are a mixed group of regular people just like you! Our students are young and old, male and female, large and small, outgoing and shy, white collar and blue collar, experienced and inexperienced. Regardless of your background, a positive attitude and an open mind will take you far in the Fortress curriculum. Our class sizes are not excessively large and you'll never get "lost in the mix."

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