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Private Firearms Training

$75 per hour (Individual)

       (2 hour minimum)

Discreet, paced to your ability, and fashioned to meet your specific goals. Choose your weapon platform and direction of study.

*Private range sessions are a minimum of 2 hours.

$125 per hour (2 shooters)

       (2 hour minimum)

$150 per hour (3-4 shooters)

       (2 hour minimum)

NOTE: Fortress: Combat Arts, LLC Reserves The Right To Conduct Criminal Background Checks On Potential Students.  To Ensure The Safety Of Our Students And Community,

Enrollment May Be Denied To Anyone.

Montana Concealed Carry (ccw)

general course 


$60 per person


Academic Fulfillment of MT Permit Requirements


5:30pm - 9:30pm

Montana Concealed Carry "PLUS"


private Party or Individual 

The decision to live a Concealed Carry lifestyle is a very serious and delicate topic. You should demand A LOT out of the class you choose! FORTRESS offers one of the most thorough CCW classes in Montana! You will develop hands-on firearms familiarization and handling skills. As well, you will learn about rules and ramifications that could effect your life as a Concealed Firearm Permit holder. The certificate from this class is necessary to apply for a state carry permit. 

1-4 people. 7 hours. 


What you will learn:

  • Fundamental Pistol Handling & Marksmanship Skills

  • MT Use of Force Laws

  • CCW Application Process

  • MT Concealed Carry Rules & Regulations

  • Concealed Carry Lifestyle & Mindset

  • Situational Awareness

  • Conflict Avoidance

  • How to Interact With Police While Carrying

  • Post Incident Management


*3 hours of private range training.

 Range portion is conducted at a private location. Class can also be conducted at a location of your choosing.

$199 per person

         (Bring your own pistol, holster, & ammunition)

No gun? No Problem!!

$249 per person

   (Includes pistol rental, holster & 100 rounds of ammunition.) 

Women's Personal protection

Participants who complete this class will receive an nationally recognized certificate that can be used to apply for the MT CCW Permit. Course material is suitable for all beginner students. This course will be focused around some of the more specific problems that women may experience in their own areas of life, ie. Physical/Sexual Assaults, Break-Ins, Robberies, and Domestic Abuse/Conflicts. We will also cover foundational material that you would get from our Handgun 101 and MT/UT Concealed Carry courses. (Review course outlines to see topics covered.) 

Primary Course Topics:

  • Firearms Safety

  • Mental Preparation

  • Developing Basic Defensive Shooting Skills

  • Strategies for Home and Personal Safety

  • Firearms, Self-Defense and the Law

  • Selecting Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories

  • Basic Firearm Maintenance

Skills you will learn:

  • Fight Focused Shooting

  • Fundamental Marksmanship

  • Positional Shooting

  • Turning + Movement and Shooting

  • Shooting from Cover

  • How to Stop Severe Bleeding


This 2 Day / 14 hour course is open to ages 15 and up.

(9 hrs in the class, 5 hrs on the range)

No prerequisites required.

What you will need to bring:

  • Semi-Automatic, Defense Grade Pistol

  • 2-3 Magazines (Mag carrier recommended)

  • Outside the Waistband Hip Holster + Belt

  • 300 Rounds of Ammo

  • Eye + Ear Protection (Gloves also recommended)

  • Clothing Suitable for Weather

  • Sunblock / Bug Spray

  • Water / Bagged Lunch

  • (No open-toed shoes! No low-cut shirts!)

$349 per person

         (Bring your own pistol, holster, & ammunition.)

$300 per person

         (If you already have a current CCW permit.)

No gun? No Problem!!

$449 per person

          (Includes pistol rental + holster + AMMO.) 

Interested in a Class?